00 Introduction

For our world. For our future.

Are you happy? Do you sleep well, wake up feeling refreshed, eat delicious foods, and live healthy every day? For those of us who live on this planet, such days of peace and carefree living are perhaps the happiest.
However, we are now faced with a serious threat to our way of life. This threat comes in the dreaded form of climate change brought about by global warming. Climate change is generating a variety of crises, including floods, heat waves, droughts, storm surges, and is depriving many species of their lives and livelihoods and wreaking havoc around the world.
The wisdom that will allow us to continue to live prosperously and joyfully amid the severe environmental changes that are occurring due to climate change... This is what we mean by living in accordance with the Phase Free concept. In this regard, we hope to explore with all of you the Phase Free concept, which works to protect our lives and livelihoods and gives us a reason to be truly hopeful for the future. We would like to join forces with you to help build a society in which everyone can live with serenity and joy.
Let us all think about our future in terms of coexisting with the Earth.