Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk


Since this is a liquid formula that does not need to be modified, it can be easily served to infants.
Supports childcare for the whole family.

In daily lives

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk(In daily lives)

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk is a liquid formula. An infant can be fed simply by transferring this product to a baby bottle at room temperature. There are two sizes that can be selected, based on the amount of milk consumed by the infant or the infant's age in months. With this product, anyone can easily feed a hungry infant with no wait-time, which makes it easier for dads to help care for the child and grandmothers to be trusted to babysit.

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk(In daily lives)-2

Whether you are outdoors, living in an evacuation center, or have no access to electricity, gas, or water, you can safely feed your infant using a dedicated attachment.

In irregular situations

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk(In irregular situations)

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk allows anyone to easily feed an infant just by fitting a dedicated attachment and nipple to the can. This can be done when you're outdoors or while living in an evacuation center, when electricity, gas, or water cannot be accessed. These sturdy cans protect their contents and are also safe and sanitary. This product can be kept in storage for an extended period of 18 months (12 months for the 120 ml cans) from the date of manufacture and has been carefully formulated in terms of nutritional requirements for the development of babies. Perfectly safe to use on an everyday basis as well as in irregular situations.

Dedicated attachments

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk Dedicated attachments

* Dedicated attachments are not sold as standalone products.
* Use Pigeon brand [Bonyu Jikkan] nipples and caps.
* Pigeon brand [Bonyu Jikkan] products are sold separately.

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk

Milk is poured into highly durable cans and undergoes high-temperature pasteurization.
Can be kept in storage at room temperature for 18 months (12 months for the 120 ml cans) from the date of manufacture. Left: 200 ml; right: 120 ml