They perform well at work as business shoes that provide a comfortable fit for running.
Comfortable on rainy days as well as in humid conditions.

In daily lives

ASICS RUNWALK(In daily lives)

While maintaining a trendy fashion style with the use of high-quality cowhide, the unique sole-technology borrowed from running shoes provides superior cushioning, resilience, and shock absorption for comfort and ease of walking. These shoes can be used at work as business shoes that can be worn while running.
The use of Gore-Tex fabric, which offers superior waterproofing and breathability, also enhances comfort on rainy days and in humid conditions.


These shoes lavishly incorporate materials such as "GEL", a material that absorbs the impact when the foot strikes the ground, "SpEVA" for superior resilience, "Ortholite" insoles for excellent cushioning properties, and "Gore-Tex" for exceptional waterproofing and breathability. These are running business shoes with a beautiful silhouette.

Reduces the impact on your feet when evacuating or walking home and lessens the strain when walking long distances.
Supports stable walking even on uneven roads.

In irregular situations

ASICS RUNWALK(In irregular situations)

If you are forced to escape, evacuate in the event of a disaster, or walk long distances home when public transport options are disrupted, the exceptional cushioning and resilience of these shoes absorbs the shock and reduces the impact imposed on your feet.
In addition, resin shanks reduce twisting to support stable walking even on uneven paths covered in scattered debris.