OC Portable Battery


This easily portable battery helps make working freer and more comfortable.

In daily lives

OC Portable Battery(In daily lives)

OC is an easily portable battery weighing 1.9 kilograms. You can work wherever you want with ease without having to look for a power source. A simple design that suits any setting allows you to set up your workspace even in cafeterias, cafés, and other locations that lack an electrical outlet. Since the battery has enough capacity to recharge a laptop computer battery up to 3.5 times, and a smartphone battery up to 14 times, a single battery provides enough electricity to power a full day's work.

OC Portable Battery

Can be used as an emergency power source in the event of an unexpected disaster or power outage.

In irregular In daily lives situations

OC Portable Battery(In irregular In daily lives situations)

This battery can be used as an emergency power source when an emergency occurs, or during a power outage caused by an unexpected disaster. Equipment you normally use in the office can remain fully operational even in irregular situations. A single battery can conveniently supply electricity to four devices, such as smartphones and personal computers, all at the same time. Since it is easily portable, it can also be comfortably used outdoors and at evacuation centers.

* Applicable for battery capacities of 50Wh for a laptop, and 12Wh for a smartphone. To supply electricity to a laptop, a cable and device compatible with Type-CTM PD specifications are needed.