Naruto City Public Enterprises Bureau

A multipurpose hall with one of the largest free-of-charge bouldering facilities in Japan.

In daily lives

UZUHALL(In daily lives)

Uzu Hall is a multipurpose hall featuring a bouldering facility along one wall. Comprising as many as fifty-nine courses in total, this free bouldering facility is among the largest in all of Japan. The hall itself can be used as a gymnasium or event venue or for a variety of other purposes.

Serves as an evacuation space in a disaster.
The cushions used for bouldering can be converted into beds.

In irregular situations

UZUHALL(In irregular situations)

This facility can be used as an evacuation center capable of accommodating many people in the event of a disaster. The cushions in the bouldering facility can be converted into beds to help support evacuees. Parts of the walls of the hall are painted in two colors, suggesting the height of flooding that might occur in the event of a tsunami. This could, along with the design, heighten awareness for disaster prevention.

UZUHALL(In irregular situations)-2