Since these items are easy to move around, they can be freely arranged for whatever layout suits your work style.
These items are widely used for both solo work and meetings attended by multiple people.

In daily lives

MULTIS & GRABIS(In daily lives)

"Multis" are compact tables equipped with casters while "Grabis" are lightweight panels with white boards. This is why they can be moved with ease. The layout of the room can be freely changed to suit all work styles - from standalone use for solo jobs, to meetings where multiple tables are combined as well as for large group projects. Magnets built into the legs make it easy to connect the tables by simply arranging them closer together.


These can be used to flexibly respond in irregular situations, such as when setting up an emergency response headquarters during a disaster or designing an office layout that takes social distancing into account.

In irregular situations

For an emergency response headquarters/For an office compliant with social distancing requirements

Since both the tables and panels can be freely arranged in whatever suitable layout, when disaster strikes, such as an earthquake, you can easily set up an emergency response headquarters by connecting several tables together and surrounding them with panels. In the event of an emergency such as a pandemic involving a new virus, an office layout with social distancing can be easily arranged.