Toshima Midori Disaster-Prevention Park: IKE·SUNPARK


Toshima City

With a plaza, café, power source, and rows of trees, the park serves as a recreational space and an event venue for visitors.

In daily lives

IKE·SUNPARK(In daily lives)

As the largest park by area in Toshima City, this park features a vast grass-covered plaza, rows of cherry, ginkgo, Japanese white oak trees, a café, a well, and more. Serves daily as a place for local residents to relax and to create a vibrant community. Also equipped with a power supply on site for hosting various events. The rows of oak trees can serve as a firebreak in case of emergency.

IKE·SUNPARK(In daily lives)-2

Serves as an evacuation site, a heliport, or a depot for disaster supplies. Also equipped with an emergency power supply, along with various facilities to support evacuees.

In irregular situations

IKE·SUNPARK(In irregular situations)

Plaza: Serves as an evacuation site, heliport, and depot for the collection and distribution of relief supplies.

IKE·SUNPARK(In irregular situations)-2

Café: Can serve meals and provide water.

IKE·SUNPARK(In irregular situations)-3

Well: Supplies water for firefighting and domestic use.