Watashino: the Complex of Town Hall In irregular and Disaster Management Base


Koshimizu Town, Hokkaido


By bringing together various facilities that support daily lives in one venue, the town hall has become a vibrant yet relaxing place where people gather.

In daily lives

Watashino(In daily lives)

Watashino functions as a town hall as well as a home to a café, laundry, fitness gym, studio, and other facilities used for daily living situated around its center. This creates a vibrant community setting where people can actively interact with one another and relax. Getting people of all ages to engage in conversation across generations also helps reinvigorate the local community.

The government building will be used as an evacuation center in the event of a disaster.
Each facility will help make living as evacuees more comfortable.

In irregular situations


Café: Functions as a place where meals can be prepared and a warehouse for the stockpiling of goods.

Watashino(Fitness gym & studio)

Fitness gym & studio: Provides a warm space for sheltering and showers.
Also great for maintaining health while living as evacuees.


Laundry: A hygienic environment is maintained, such as by ensuring an emergency water supply and supplying emergency power for washing clothes.