Yukai Engineering Inc.

Supports communications between family members who are not in the same location through the use of voice and text.

In daily lives

BOCCO(In daily lives)

BOCCO is a communications robot that is used by linking it with a smartphone app. The voice file for a message recorded with BOCCO by a child at home will be sent to the smartphone of a parent, who is out. If a text message is sent to a child by a parent who is working, BOCCO will read it aloud as an example of the way that it enables two-way communications. This robot can also be used to keep an eye on the elderly who are unable to use a smartphone. If the attached vibration sensor is placed on a door, it can also detect when a child returns home and send a notification to the app.


In an emergency, connect to the Internet to speak with a distant family member for emotional reassurance.

In irregular situations

BOCCO(In irregular situations)

In an emergency situation, a message can be sent to a distant family member just by talking to BOCCO.
If you are physically ill, or if you are unable to move and use a smartphone due to an emergency, you can call for help or inform others of your situation. Since BOCCO uses Internet connection, you can confirm the safety of your family members for peace of mind even during an emergency that has compromised telephone services.