Environmentally- and people-friendly small EV buses

In daily lives

IKEBUS(In daily lives)

IKEBUS is the name of a small bus powered by an electric motor, and is capable of accommodating 22 passengers.
This unique ten-wheel-drive vehicle is environmentally friendly since it does not generate any emissions. Since its maximum speed is 19 kilometers per hour, it is slower than a conventional bus and allows passengers to take in the sights of the city at a leisurely pace. Each bus is equipped with an electric lift at the rear to enable easy access for wheelchair users.


Can be used as a mobile power source vehicle in times of disaster.

In irregular situations

IKEBUS(In irregular situations)

In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, the large amount of electricity stored in the battery of this mobile power source vehicle can be used to recharge approximately 2,500 smartphones or for emergency lighting.
This vehicle would be useful in an emergency since it can drive itself to an evacuation center or another location where power is needed.